About Us

Dagan Pizza was established in 1983 by Shmuel and Ayalla Dagan. We specialize in creating kosher pizza with the taste of a true italian pizza shop. We do this by using the finest ingredients available and our pizzas are only made by experienced professionals. Our desire to offer the best pizza doesn't stop there, we keep this standard throughout all our food including our great tasting falafel, calzones, bourekas and more. We don't just make great food, we also feel that service is just as important. Our staff will listen to your needs and assist you in any way they can, so that you can have an overall great dining exprience. We also understand that not everybody can make it in to taste our great pizza, that's why we offer FREE local delivery. So when your ready to ENJOY your next slice of kosher pizza make sure to visit or call Dagan Pizza and see why we have been proudly serving the community for over 25 years!


Why Choose Us?

We Have Been Serving The Community Since 1983.

Free Local Delivery

We Offer Catering

Specializing in Corporate Events, Schools, Camps and Senior Citizen Centers.

Chalav Israel

Pat Israel

Kemach Yashan

Hechsher by Vaad HAKASHRUS Of Flatbush